3D interior sketching

Order a drawing now


For that special client of yours that needs a bit more attention. Given a drawing like this will not only make your design shine more but will also give a feeling of special treatment that will help you sell your product or strengthen your customer relation.


The process

You give me as much information as possible : measurements - a floormap - detailing and more

Less information is more of a risk for you. I can only draw what i know based on the information i am given. The risk is always yours!  I promiss you an Artist Impression that is fun to watch!


cost: 120,- euro excl 21% btw


pay: by invoice send to you by mail. Pay directly upfront but before you pay you can get a Sneak Peek of the result!

this is ofcourse not a product that can be exchanged.


time: within a few days

rush orders are possible within 24 hours.


drawing: send to you by mail in jpeg.    It's also possible to receive the original by post. 


contact: renate@3dinteriorsketching.com or call directly: 0031624645683