Me! Owner of this website. Designed to share my interests and qualities with you. To help and inspire. It all started with my graduation from the art academy where i studied interior architecture. I started my own company in 2002 as an interiorarchitect under the (dutch) name Van Klaveren Interieurarchitectuur  now 16 years ago.

Eventualy i started teaching - writing & developing this drawing technique. Started in 2010 with a course book developed by me, i now give the lessons inhouse to kitchen companies and stylists organizations or one to one to interior designers and various entrepreneurs.


I love to keep growing and develop on the creative level.

Therefore i would like to call myself a creative entrepreneur. With a life motto "if you show the courage to go your own path - the path will show itself to you"

Renate van Klaveren - Monnee





A click on this photo will lead you to an article about me in the Dutch newspaper AD with this picture taken by © Shody Careman